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Websites that really work, for people who do what they really love

Hi! I'm Kate Harding, and I create websites for small business owners with a dream; whether that dream is to change the world, or just to do the thing they love for a living.

I build them beautiful, professional websites that they can manage themselves, so they have independence, flexibility, and self-sufficiency.

No matter what your website is about we cater for every kind of subject including websites about online casinos like

Manage your own website

I use WordPress, the world's best loved content management system. So you'll be able to edit and update your site yourself.

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Meeting the standards

I build my websites to web standards. That means they are faster, easier to update, and more accessible.

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Fancy a chat?

If you're interested in a site, or have questions, drop me a line. It's safe – I don't charge for chatting!

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"I'm SO IN LOVE WITH you for making it so simple. You are hands down the best designer/ programmer I've ever worked with!"
Jennifer Louden

"Fabulous! I love this website so much! Thank you so much for your detailed care."
Lavinia Magliocco

"I can’t even tell you how much it means to have a reliable web person. It’s a HUGE relief. Thanks Kate!"
Fabeku Fatunmise

Latest work

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