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You love what you do. I love helping you do more of it.

Hi! I'm Kate Harding, and I build websites that you can manage yourself, so that you have independence, flexibility, and self-sufficiency.

I love working with people who have a dream, whether that dream is to change the world, or just to do the thing you love for a living.

My own dream is for a web industry full of kindness and integrity. I understand that dealing with web stuff can be scary, and so my goal is to make the whole experience more human and more peaceful for you – to offer truly supportive web support.


Need a web fairy?

Got a ton of ideas for your website? Need help to turn them into reality? Or just to off-load some of your to-do list?

I love playing web fairy. I can help with just about any aspect of your online life. My goal is to make that side of things as easy as possible for you, and so free up your time to do more of the stuff you love.

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PSD to WordPress

I love to partner with designers, to turn their designs into fully-functioning websites. We both get to do what we love – you to design, me to build!

Every website I build uses WordPress, the world's best-loved content management system, so that your clients will be able to easily manage their website themselves.

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For the gazillionth night in a row, I'm deeply grateful to you. No web-designer has ever made me feel so sane, so competent, so happy! Beyond your technical skills, your communication skills and your simple kindness are worth so much more than I can pay.
Marianne Elliott

What would I do without Kate? Best web fairy ever!
Alexis Grant

I can’t even tell you how much it means to have a reliable web person. It’s a HUGE relief. Thanks Kate!
Fabeku Fatunmise

I'm SO IN LOVE WITH you for making it so simple. You are hands down the best designer/ programmer I've ever worked with!
Jennifer Louden