Vivaldi Jewellery

Designer jeweller Jill Wilkinson was unhappy with her old e-commerce site, which had a very low conversion rate. She came to us to see if we could improve it.

The first objective was to understand very clearly what Jill's clients needed and wanted from her website, and what Jill herself needed and wanted from her website. Representing FL1, I worked with Jill and marketeer Sabra from Cerco Communications to discover these needs and preferences, and create a detailed list of must-haves and would-likes. After completing this process, it was clear that making adjustments to the existing site wasn't going to achieve Jill's aims, so she asked us to create an entirely new site from the ground up. There were three main areas in which we wanted to make dramatic improvements:

A creative, welcoming design. The old site was grey and sterile, quite at odds with the sumptuous style of Jill's jewellery. The new design was warm and feminine, but simple and clean enough to put the jewellery centre stage. The new layout also separates the shopping process links from the information links for greater usability, and the left hand column uses a product finder to make it easy for users to find what they're looking for without cluttering the page with dozens of different categories.

A shopping process which reflected the way customers actually wanted to shop. We created custom functionality so that as well as browsing by type and collection, users could search by stone, colour and price. FL1's e-commerce software, Evolution, also makes it possible for Jill to link products, so that each product page can offer links to matching items in a 'complete the look' section and even discounts for buying the entire set.

A portal and database which reflect Jill's own needs, and the way her business works. We created custom additions to the Evolution software to make it possible for Jill to manage her online business as easily as her offline one. As she creates one-off and limited edition pieces as well as her perennial favourites, we made sure the system handled stock control automatically. We also made it easy for her to add new variations on existing products – the same piece with a different stone, for example. It's also easy for Jill to add new information pages, or edit existing ones.