Tigsy Brown

Tigsy Brown is a collection of china gifts for children by designer Elaine Brown. Elaine wanted a simple e-commerce site so that she could sell her products online as well as in shops.

Elaine's style is distinctive and appealing, so I used elements from her original sketches throughout the site to create a design which captured the feel of the Tigsy Brown range. I had a lot of fun going through Elaine's sketches and taking little stars and hearts to decorate the menus, and Elaine kindly drew a little basket to illustrate the shopping links.

The colour choice was simple – Elaine knew what she wanted, and it was just what I would have suggested myself; baby blues and pinks taken from the colours of the chinaware, with a soft yellow to bring it all together. To reflect the very personal care and attention that goes into each one of Elaine's designs, we placed a message from her on the front page, complete signature.


With a small, straightforward product range, the site didn't need any custom functionality, and was a breeze to plan in terms of structure, and to build in Evolution. Different category sets make it possible for users to browse by product type, by line, or by occasion. Information pages in the top menu allow them to learn more about the range, the family of characters, and the Tigsy Brown philosophy.