Elizabeth Stewart

Interior designer Elizabeth Stewart had a site which was cluttered and dated – the last thing any interior designer wants! She wanted the site tidied up, with a new look which would do her work justice.

The first thing we did was visit Elizabeth's workshop, to get a feel for what she did. After discussing the project at some length, it became clear that one thing which was really important to her was that the colours used on the site should reflect current design trends, as of course understanding these trends is a large part of her business. And one thing which I felt was important was to put her work centre stage, showing the variety of her work through photographs.

The solution, then, was to use the most basic of colour schemes for the overall layout – Elizabeth chose a desaturated blue – and for each page to have its own colour scheme, based on the photograph used on that page. Not only did this allow me to show a range of her work, but as trends change, Elizabeth can choose to swap out the photograph and colour scheme for any given page and replace with with something more current. Because the site is coded with html and css, separating style from content, this is a straightforward process – the colour scheme can be changed without any need to edit the html of the page. Each page has its own stylesheet detailing the colours for that page, so changing it is simple a matter of editing that one style sheet and replacing the photo.

Setting the photo and colours for each page was a careful process, as Elizabeth naturally wanted to approve each colour scheme and photo. Several of the photos themselves required some retouching to do Elizabeth's work justice, as many had been taken in very mixed light. In addition, of course, different monitors show colours differently, and subtle distinctions of shade make a big difference to an interior designer, so for some pages we made several small tweaks to the colour scheme, or the colour profile in the photo, after viewing them on different monitors.