Web Design portfolio

These days I generally build sites rather than design them, but here you can see some of the sites I've designed (and built!) over the last few years.

Lori Portka

Lori Portka website

Lori wanted to refresh her site a bit – she wanted to move the blog from the homepage to a page of its own, and a new header and homepage design.



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Absolute Travel Addict

Absolute Travel Addict website

April wanted a new header and homepage for her site.

She was already using a theme she liked – Fresh News – so we just added some custom styles and images to give it a new look.

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LA Collections

The LA Collections website

Wedding photographer Lesley Anne had a site she couldn't edit, and she first approached me to convert her old site to WordPress.

Once that was done, she decided it would be nice to give it a makeover too – and then she had a rather splendid idea to offer her brides a site of their own on her webspace…

More about the LA Collections project

Abbey of the Arts

Abbey of the Arts

Christine's Abbey of the Arts website needed a new look. It had also outgrown its old page structure.

So we freshened up the design, and created a new structure with more space for new growth.

More about the Abbey of the Arts project

The Guild of Photographers

The Guild of Photographers

"WOW…WOW…WOW!!! 110% spot on!"

The Guild had an old website which they wanted to overhaul, expand, and freshen up – but it had a custom-developed members directory which they wanted to keep.

The solution – a new WordPress installation, with members' area, forum, and shiny new design, right alongside the old directory (which we gave a makeover so it didn't feel left out.)

More about the Guild of Photographers project

The Comfort Cafe and Life Spa

Comfort Cafe

"I'm SO IN LOVE WITH you for making it so simple. You are hands down the best designer/ programmer I've ever worked with!"

Jen Louden is a bestselling author, coach and speaker who provides women with the information, inspiration, and tools to create lives they love.

The Comfort Cafe and Life Spa is her latest venture – a membership site where people can find rest and inspiration. Members can download recordings, take part in the month's activities, or just hang out on the forums with other members.

Jen wanted the site to feel like a very cozy place to hang out, and we had tons of fun designing it.

More about the Comfort Cafe project

Organiser Publications

The Prom Organiser

"I have been working on a very new project for my company. It is a very new field for me – blogs, twitter, facebook and so on, but I have been guided through all the jargon and technicalities in the safe hands of Emma and Kate who have infinite patience. Their breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious – so much so that I have commissioned them for two further projects. Praise indeed!!!"

On larger projects I often collaborate with Emma Newman, copywriter extraordinaire. The Organisers are one such collaboration. The Prom Organiser, Wedding Organizer, and Gay Wedding Organizer, are sites offering tips and advice to UK students who are organising a prom and to couples planning their weddings.

More about the Organiser projects

Equipoise – Enlightened Exercise


"Fabulous! I love this website so much! Thank you so much for your detailed care."

Equipoise is the site of Lavinia Magliocco, a wonderful coach who sees exercise as spiritual practice too. She combines her expertise in Pilates, QiGong, yoga and ballet to create a unique program for each client to treat their heart as well as their body.

The new site is built with WordPress, so that she can manage and develop it herself, and includes a blog to help her express her unique attitude to exercise. The design uses a range of photos and quotes from great teachers to set the tone.

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Insight Clinical Hypnosis and Insight Emotional Intelligence

Insight Clinical Hypnosis

James Thirtle is a hypnotherapist, NLP coach and Emotional Intelligence expert.

Being quite tech savvy, he wanted to maintain his hypnotherapy site using html and css, so he asked me for a custom design and toolbox of styles that he could use. I'm pleased to say, though, that I've now sold him on the wonder that is WordPress, and have just built a second, sister site for him – his new Emotional Intelligence site and blog – using WordPress!

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Damian Lobato

Damian Lobato

Damian Lobato is a dancer and teacher of Argentine tango.

Damian's a fan of the movies of De Niro and Pacino, of gothic novels such as Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde and of artists such as Rothko and Munch. He wanted something visually rich, layered, and dark – something more like a painting than a conventional website. So I had a lot of fun layering his studio shots over stock photography of abandoned buildings, dirty alleys, dark rooms, and the like to create something which both had the feel he wanted and showed him in action.

More about the project


eTrainingShop is a site selling e-shop software for training companies, allowing them to sell their courses online. The software is designed to be as easy to use as possible, an out-of-the-box solution.

The site, therefore, needed to be just as user-friendly as the product it promotes. Bright, clean colours, plenty of white space, and a few cheerful icons create a friendly, airy design which works with clear information architecture to make it easy to find your way around.

Simple and Secure

Simple and Secure is a self-contained mini-site selling just one product, a next-generation, out-of-the-box home security solution. The site needed to be modern yet warm and reassuring, and just as simple and easy to use as the product.

Christopher Wharton Goldsmith

After developing their new e-commerce site, Wharton wanted to refresh the look of their existing brochure site, without abandoning its established identity. The easiest way to do this was to replace the home page animation, thus updating the look without interfering with the header and footer branding and menus. The old home page had an animation based around a single product shot, over a textured background. This time we decided to use the lifestyle shots from the latest collection, on a plain background, which would be more in keeping with the latest brochures and other print materials.


I've worked several times with AdWords specialists 1UpSearch, creating designs for their clients' landing pages. This is a landing page belonging to 1UpSearch themselves. It is entirely self-contained, but remains in keeping with the design of their main site.

Tigsy Brown

Tigsy Brown is a collection of china gifts for children by designer Elaine Brown. We used elements from Elaine's original sketches throughout the site to create a design which captured the feel of her unique work.

More about the Tigsy Brown project

Christopher Wharton Goldsmith

This high end designer jeweller had an established identity expressed in their existing marketing materials. They wanted an e-commerce site with a look that complemented rather than copied their existing brochure site.

More about the Wharton Goldsmith project

EFI Marketing

EFI wanted to revise their site. The old site had a 'blue sky' theme, so I based the new design around this. However, instead of a plain blue sky, for the banner I chose blue sky over a field with a tree. This created a little extra visual interest, and added a second colour into the palette to lift and freshen the page a little.

Elizabeth Stewart

Interior designer Elizabeth Stewart had a site which was cluttered and dated – the last thing any interior designer wants! A new design put her work centre stage with plenty of photos and careful colour choices on each page selected to match current trends.

More about the Elizabeth Stewart project

Trust Networks

Trust Networks wanted to freshen up their site. The new look keeps their existing colour scheme and logo, but has a more contemporary style, and makes use of teaser boxes and colour coding to help make the content easy to digest.

More about the Trust Networks project

Vivaldi Jewellery

Designer jeweller Jill Wilkinson was unhappy with her old e-commerce site, which had a very low conversion rate. We created an entirely new site for her, with custom design to match her individual style and custom functionality for improved user experience.

More about the Vivaldi project

Globetrekker Pilates

Globetrekker Pilates

Katie Bowes is a wandering Pilates instructor, currently settled in Chicago.

She wanted a super-simple site where she could provide information about herself and her classes. She also wanted a clean, peaceful design to reflect the healing, harmonious nature of her work. And she loves blue!

The Covent Garden Minuet Company

The Covent Garden Minuet Company

The Covent Garden Minuet Company perform 18th century dance in full period costume, and are a fun-loving bunch of people who are basically up for anything!

We had loads of fun finding ways to bring a sense of what they do to their website. The design is full of 18th century detail, of course, but we also took some of their drama-lectures on 18th century life and created articles and photo stories, scattered contemporary quotes about the minuet on their information pages, and added some video. We hosted the video on YouTube, which has brought them quite a few visitors who saw the videos there and followed the links back.

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Hackney Tudors

Hackney Tudors is a project for school children exploring the history of the Hackney area. The site allows the children to explore virtual 'Tudor Hackney' and offers information for teachers. To accomodate a limited budget, the site is being built in stages; this is the first stage.

More about the Hackney Tudors project